Switch N’Go Dinos

Switch N’Go Dinos are very popular in our house!  These are Brock (the red car carrier vehicle) and Tonks (the blue race car that switches into a triceratops).  I used Rice Crispies to form the heads and used fondant to cover.  Decorations included licorice, M&Ms, silver dregies, caramels, and Runtz:  Chocolate fudge cake & chocolate frosting.


Team Umizoomi

This three dimensional Bot cake was on a raised platform with rubber cupcake liners as the feet.  The Nickelodeon cartoon character’s body was three layers, arms made of pipe cleaners with Starburst hands, and a tin foil celebration disco ball:  Chocolate cake & vanilla frosting.

Boy Scouts

My eldest son has joined the Boy Scouts of America – let the journey begin!  He requested this outdoor camping cake for his birthday in August.  I made sugar cookies for the bear, trees and owl (walnuts for feet and halved candies for the beak).  There are chocolate candy rocks to make the fire pit and the flames are made from melted Jolly Ranchers and placed into logs of brownies: Chocolate cake & whipped fudge frosting.

At the Blue and Gold Banquet, I made a uniform from a sheet cake and two loaf pans.  The scarf was twisted Laffy Taffy.  I made the patches from a chocolate mold, the world seal from a purple fruit slice and pipped on frosting, the beads are candies and the track beads were extra large Sweet Tarts that I bore holes in with a skewer:  Chocolate cake & vanilla frosting.

The pinewood derby was fun!  As a treat I made 40 race car lolly pops from a mold I found on Amazon, and cupcakes with finish flags and sugared cars.


These were created for a little boy’s 5th birthday, and our friend’s 6th birthday.  I used Oreo cookies to form the Lego buttons on the large bricks, covered with fondant.  The baseboard was hand-made with a frosting tip and adhered with water and a paintbrush.  I added candy Legos found at our local shop but can also be purchased on Amazon.  The name plates were hand made and painted to mimic the Lego logo.  I also made the Unikitty character from fondant and hand painted it with food coloring:  Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and French vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.

Neverland Island

My eldest son is obsessed with pirates! We had to have his birthday with a Peter Pan cake, thus the blue ocean with octopus, fish and shark toys. I made an island with light and dark brown sugar ‘sand’ to show the depth change as you climbed ashore to the candy bone treasure trail. This photo doesn’t show, but a Sweet Tart Tinkerbell was atop the jungle showing ‘X marks the spot.’   I also made a personalized treasure chest cake:  Chocolate cake, double fudge & peanut butter frosting.

Scooby Doo

I went full tilt with this 5-1/2 layer birthday cake for my middle son last year! The bun has real sesame seeds and a giant toothpick sticking out (the support dowel decorated), the burgers are chocolate fudge frosted, cheese and lettuce were hand sculpted from Starbursts, the tomatoes were fondant with colored sesame seeds, and the bread layer has a crust of cowtail caramel! The white cake was also swirled with blue and purple foodcoloring to resemble tie-dye.


The Elmo cupcakes were one of two boxes specially made. I individually made the letters with yellow and blue fondant and hand piped the numbers with colored chocolates. The Elmo faces are souvenir rings: Gluten/Dairy-free chocolate cake & dairy-free vanilla frosting.

The double layer cake was cut with 3-D depth to make Elmo’s face pop out. Cupcakes were made for each child to have their own character to take home as a party gift: White cake & vanilla frosting.

Little Einsteins

My dear husband made the elevated base and tripod support for this masterpiece! Rocket is coated with fondant and glistens with colored sugar sprinkles. I decorated with melted Jolly Ranchers fins, mini Oreo cookie headlights, engines and wheels, and a yellow jellybean antenna. My son had to have Leo, June, Quincy and Annie…so I frosted sugar cookies using edible markers and sugar eyes: Chocolate cake & chocolate frosting.