These were made for my daughter’s October birthday.  She insisted on a bat with exposed wings (made with sprinkles and piping, candy eyes and marshmallow teeth).  I also made her a personal cake for after the party:  fondant covered with a hand painted creepy tree in frosting, clouds, a full moon (hand painted with food coloring while the fondant was still damp), and candy sprinkle bats:  Orange cake, orange and chocolate frosting.

Apple Pie

Just for fun, I hand painted our Memorial Day apple pie. The American flag has red stripes and a blue background made of food coloring, and I used icing then pulled the five points with a toothpick to create stars.


Spring Tea Cupcakes

I was asked to make two dozen cupcakes for a Ladies Church Tea, and came up with these four designs; 1. Dark Chocolate cake with a Vanilla Cherry blossom frosting adorned with handmade chocolate branches and blossoms cut from paper and tipped with pink ink, 2. Lemon Zest cake with Vanilla frosting, 3. Chocolate cake with a delicious Honey Cream Cheese frosting sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and a candied bee, and 4. Blushing Apple Tarts where I created roses from gala apples like mini pies!!

Spring & Butterflies

My niece visited in May and loves insects.  I created sunflowers from Oreos, hand made chocolate butterflies, caterpillars, and lady bugs.  The leaves are mint slices:  Vanilla cake & orange frosting.


These were hand made white chocolate bunny feet, with shredded coconut tails, meant to look like the rabbit was diving into a hole in a grassy field of flowers: Chocolate cupcake & vanilla frosting.