Kitty Cat Cake

My daughter loves cats and dogs, so I made a traditional form cat with coconut to give the fur dimension.  The collar is a Fruit Roll-Up and it has jellybeans for the eyes and nose.  White cake & vanilla frosting.



My middle son had his “Hawaii Five-O” party with surf contest, limbo, and pin the tooth on the shark!  This cake included a surfer wipe out from his Milano board, sugar cookie grass (shredded wheat) hut, banana tree (Runtz), school of fish, gummy shark, and sight seeing plane.  I placed dry ice into the mouth of the volcano just as we lit candles to give it the illusion of erupting and smoking!  Chocolate fudge cake & vanilla frosting.


My dear friend’s daughter was thrilled to see how 24 cupcakes can turn into her favorite animal!  The spikes and wings were hand made fondant and textured to resemble scaly skin.  I used marshmallow for the eyes (with M&M’s), teeth and claws.  The tongue shines as it lolls out of the mouth, made from Laffy Taffy:  Chocolate cupcake & vanilla frosting.

Big Top

When my daughter turned one we felt like the house had become a circus, as anyone with three kids can attest. This three layer chocolate cake was frosted with chocolate then draped with homemade spearmint flavored fondant. I stripped the tent with additional fondant (learning curve – too thick for the Virginia heat so it started to sag…), and black licorice laces. The balloons are gumdrops coated with Starbursts.