Chess Piece Cake

In honor of a close friend, I surprised him with this chess themed cake when he turned 40!  Upon cutting, the cake was checkerboard chocolate and vanilla in three layers.  The queen piece was fondant with pearl dregies, white sugar crystals and

Sponge Cake

I created a chocolate genoise sponge cake soaked in kirsch to create this black forest birthday surprise.  The cherries, heavy creme fraiche, and shaved chocolate were heaven to work with!


Art Theme

These whimsical cupcakes are decorated with hand made chocolate paint brushes and palettes with dotted colored chocolate paint:  Chocolate cupcake & vanilla frosting.

Strawberry Pound Cake

A special birthday cake for my husband who loves strawberries: Pound cake,strawberry preserve layers, vanilla frosting, fresh cut strawberry & glaze.



I made this platter for my son’s preschool class. They were having a water theme week so I created cakes with colored sugar coated ice cream cones as channel markers, schools of Sweedish Fish, mini powdered donuts with red fondant to look like life rings, buoys from gumdrops, and sculpted sharks made with Twinkies and Nilla wafers: Chocolate cupcakes & vanilla frosting.